Our Current Project

Our primary focus is the development and manufacture of a multiplex rapid diagnostic test that would discriminate the origin of fever between parasitic (malaria), viral and bacterial pathogens. Our envisioned prototype comprises of several innovative features and technologies that would make our tests superior to current industry models and also cheaper in cost for the end user. 

We are completing the following steps to achieve our objectives.

Education and training workshop for executive science staff conducted by the Diagnostic Consultant Network.

Diagnostic assay development and manufacturing process development. Lab and field evaluations.

Prototype model verification and validation.

Intellectual property creation




Technology transfer and set up of pilot facility in Incubator space

Human resource development-Recruitment and training of managers and first employees

Commence trial batch production,

Validation and verification by local Food and drug regulation board.

Introduction of products into private sector.

Assesment and preparation for scale up activities

WHO prequalification

ISO 13485:2003 and

ISO 9001:2008 certification

Scale up

Increased Access to Better Health Care is Our Mission

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