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  • University of Iowa John Papajohn Entrepreneurial Center

  • Science & Technology Corporation at University of New Mexico

  • Diagnostic Consultant Network (DCN)

  • European Labs and Clinics

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Diagnosing Africa is changing lives and making strides not only in health care access but in controlling disease resistance in minimizing misdiagnosis and presumptive antimicrobial treatments.


Affordable cutting edge technology

The rapid diagnostic test is innovative, offering unprecedented accuracy, yet affordable making it perfect for developing countries and rural areas.


Ease of local production

Production in the local environment is not only feasible, it can be done with much of the existing infrastructure and some infusion of expertise. 


Improve employment and quality of life

Manufacturing will bring employment to the local area while simultaneously improving medical outcomes and reducing drug resistance.

Increased Access to Better Health Care is Our Mission

Partner with us and make a meaningful difference.

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