Meet the Scientific advisory board

Prof. Agyeman Badu Akosa, Professor of Pathology, Ghana Medical School

Agyeman Badu Akosa is a Professor, MD, Pathologist, Leader, Researcher, Social Commentator and a “Functional Engineer”.  He previously served as Director-General of the Ghana Health Service, President of the Ghana Medical Association and the Commonwealth Medical Association. He is currently a WHO Adviser on Polio Eradication in Nigeria and WHO AFRO Task Force on Immunization. 


Dr Badu Sarkodie, Director of Public Health, Ghana Health Service

As the Director of Public Health, Dr. Sarkodie’s focus and main objectives are prevention, control, and epidemiology of infectious / communicable diseases, and noncommunicable disease control. He also has a special interest in disease surveillance activities.

MD, ((MB.Ch.B. (UG, Accra); (MSc Epid, Lond)); 

Dr Joseph Ampofo, Director of the Water Research Institute at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (WRI-CSIR).

 B.Sc (UCC) PhD, Microbiology (UG)


Dr. Ampofo’s work at WRI-CSIR includes evaluating microbial diversity in various water bodies, water quality control analysis and distribution in the metropolis, as well as the search and isolation of various entomopathogenic bacteria in support of  biological control of vectors for  malaria and Schistosomiasis. He also oversees the monitoring of rural domestic water supplies – boreholes, hand-dug wells, and slow sand filtration systems and the assessment of the environmental and health effects of the use of wastewater in irrigation.

Prof William Kwabena Ampofo, Director of Virology, Noguchi Research Institute, University of Ghana.

B.Sc. (UG), PhD (Tokyo Medical and Dental University-Japan)

Dr. Ampofo is a Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Virology Department, Noguchi. His research interests include molecular and serological investigations of viruses, prevention of viral infections and antiviral therapy. Career milestones include laboratory discovery of the first Ghanaian case of HIV, first isolation of wild-type poliovirus, confirmation of first cases of avian flu virus in Ghanaian poultry and establishment of the national influenza center in Ghana. He serves internationally on temporary assignments with the World Health Organization, Commonwealth Secretariat Health Division, US Department of Defense, German International Development Agency and the US Agency for International Development.